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Olimpia has a long tradition. The main assumptions that have guided it from the beginning of its existence are timelessness, high quality and comfort of use.

The beginnings of the company date back to 1890, when the company "Maks Silberstein" was established, and in the course of further transformations, the company ZPDz Olimpia was established. During its existence, the company has undergone many transformations and modernizations, remaining with the main production profile, which is the production of knitting products.

Last year was a huge challenge for us: the pandemic hit almost the entire world economy, not sparing our industry. It has also shed new light on the challenges of climate change that we all have to face. We are all witnessing the opening of a new chapter in fashion: fashion must become ethical and ecological as soon as possible.

To meet the expectations of today's world, as a company, we strive to save natural resources, reduce waste, and at the same time create fashion in which you will feel great.

Our goal is to design classic, timeless clothes that can be worn for years due to their quality and timeless design. Timelessness and comfort are becoming the company's philosophy.
We use natural materials to create our collections, such as: cotton, linen, viscose - ordered from local suppliers. In order to reduce the carbon footprint, we also carry out the next stages of production on the domestic market: cutting and sewing take place in our friendly sewing rooms in Łódź.

When designing our clothes, we constantly keep in mind the principle of "Capsule Wardrobe - subsequent collections should match the previous ones.

We do not recycle our products, there is no such need. We do not produce surplus. We carry out current orders. We sell products with slight knitting defects in the second quality, while the defective elements are ripped to recover as much material as possible.
In our online store, we use ecological packages: biodegradable poly mailers and recycled boxes.

In the near future (2020-2025), we assume that at least 50% of the artificial fibers used in production will be recycled.
It is also worth mentioning our marketing activities, which were never aggressive.

We do not organize large discounts, which usually generate purchases of unnecessary clothes.

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