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Long-term tradition, a high quality and sophisticated taste of OLIMPIA have accompanied Polish people since 1950. Lodz company with over 60 years of experience in knitting branch has been going with the spirit of the times and although our far-eastern neighbours defeated many polish clothes company, OLIMPIA has lived, strengthened its position and in 21st century it entered energeticly, equaling most of the huge company. It became due to modern park machine; applying the newest technological solution and perfect, imported yarns allow company to reach the highest quality of goods, which are appreciated on European markets. Over 60% of production you can meet in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Russia. Remaining part is sent to a chain of company and franchising showrooms in the biggest Polish cities.

Presenting company it would be unforgivable mistake, if we didn`t mention about people-well-trained, intent employees who create OLIMPIA background. Designers, inspirited with the newest trends of the world fashion capitals, design each next model with huge passion, taking care of the smallest details; well – trained and experienced management meticulously implements new strategy of solution, applying the whole management system to European standards and first of all production team, without who the company wasn`t be able to create so huge range of goods in different coloring.

Many times OLIMPIA was awarded in prestige competitions and nowadays it meets the most discriminating customers halfway, from one season to another widening goods offer, adapted to prevalent the canons of fashion.

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